Coaching, Facilitation and Training for your business

Learning is the foundation of growth.

I took the photograph at the top of my web page from the top of Stob Mhic Mhartuin while hill walking in Glen Coe. I love hill walking as the hard work of the climb pays off in the exhilaration and 360 degree views one gets on top of a mountain. It seems to me that the work we put into our self development works in a similar way - learning new skills or ways of doing things may take some effort but we are well rewarded in the new views of life it gives us.

I am dedicated to making learning enjoyable and relevant. I believe that as adults we often have a lot of the knowledge and skill we need but often lack the opportunity to step back to get a broader perspective and make better sense of how we can use them. For me training and development is about creating this space and then using that to add new information or develop new skills and abilities as appropriate.


I am a member of the South West Business Hub, The Trainers Training Company and the Association for Coaching







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